Al Capone – How the Fall of Al Capone Affects Today’s View of the Past

The fall of Al Capone was one of the most dramatic events in the history of organized crime. A long time ago, it seemed as if the entire country wanted Al Capone to run the streets and make himself President. He had consolidated his power, and millions believed him to be the man to take on the corrupt politicians and bankers who controlled the American economy. They even believed him to be the man who could restore America’s greatness. Al Capone was the perfect candidate for the job, and it was his charismatic style that carried him through the nomination process.

Of course, those who did not understand his game saw his fall before they saw him. It was as if he had hypnotized his opponents, convincing them that they were traitors to the revolution, that they were enemies of America and that they should be silenced. Once elected, Al Capone turned his attention to the Mafia. He had to have known that his reputation as a fierce gun slinger and tough guy was a huge part of what made him so beloved by the New York City mob.

Even after he became the most powerful crime boss in the country, people still believed that he could be brought down. It was as if the Mafia simply ran things in New York City. Somehow, the men in the know knew that if they took him out, the power of their position would slip away. They simply waited for the opportune moment. The timing was right, and they took advantage of it. When it was over, there was no one left to challenge them.

The question of how did Al Capone fall? Was he a victim of circumstance or was there something he did? It seems more reasonable to think of a corruption within the legalized drug trade. Many politicians have gotten into trouble with the law and some have been able to successfully fight against the system, but many others have fallen from grace as well.

When Al Capone was elected President of the United States, the press gave him all kinds of media attention. Every morning show and every news program carried some kind of story about him. There were even some biographies, some details of his alleged past, and some even referred to his alleged family members. It seemed that every magazine wanted to run a feature story on the new President. The fact that there was so much interest in the man at the time probably had a lot to do with why he was able to win the election.

As Al Capone entered the White House, it was obvious that he wasn’t a president who came from wealth. He came from a low-income family. It was something of a homecoming, and he was hailed as a new President. All of his friends and associates knew that he was a poor man who had lost everything because of circumstances beyond his control. But he didn’t seem to care. He surrounded himself with like minded people who shared the same beliefs and philosophies that he did.

A lot of what happened with Al Capone has been written about, but not by many. The mainstream media seems content to just pay the former mob boss the ultimate insult, which was his defeat at the polls. They gave him little support during his terms as President. One prominent newspaper columnist called him an old fool, and others simply called him a con artist. Many men of power in the world today cite that as an example of how not to get into politics.

These days, with his image taken along with his legacy, his name is synonymous with graft and crime. Many crimes occurred during his term as President of the USA, and his name is associated with those events. To suggest that he was anything less than a mastermind during the time he served as President of the USA is utterly false, and ludicrously so. Al Capone may have fallen from grace, but his name will always remain in the American consciousness due to the damage that his criminal activities caused not only to America but to those around him. The fall of Al Capone did not lessen America’s stature in the world, but it will forever remain a part of our history.